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ARA Artist

Ara Damansara

ARA or Ara Damansara Artist is a line up of local artists with colorful personalities and talents. Two of them which PJKITA was given the opportunity to meet was Donald Abraham & Fadilah Karim.

Donald Abraham, 30s, Artist / Skater is one of the most promising talent in Malaysia. Donald’s debut in the art scene was back in 2007 at Rantai Art Event and since then his artworks have received nothing but awesome feedback. Donald is heavily influenced by the skateboard culture and it transpires through his paintings. From doodles in his sketchbook to canvas and walls, Donald pours out his ideas in colors and futuristic designs. He is also part of the PJ-based Ara Damansara Artists and fully supports PJKITA in raising street arts and skates into mainstream platforms. Donald hopes to see more art and skate parks around PJ so that all PJrians can enjoy best of both worlds – ART & SKATE.

Last April, Fadilah exhibited her solo show which entails the theme of Secret Lies. She is known for her portraits and some vows that she is one of the top 3 portrait artist in Malaysia. Her niche is the way she tells her stories and vies through the strokes of her paintbrushes. A lot of her artworks are showcased and sold in various galleries.

Visit their arts at Yak Yak Studio at Ara Damansara to get into personal with their works.



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