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We Rise By Lifting Others

“We rise by lifting others” are the wise words of Robert Ingersoll. It perfectly sums up the goal of MajlisBandararayaPetaling Jaya (MBPJ) in creating a sustainable city. MBPJ launched PJ City Food Bank in 2012 and since has been the hand that coordinates food supplies from the local factories, restaurants and hotels and giving them to those in need. This is where the community comes together to enrich each other and drive the city to become efficient and sustainable to growth. Have you ever felt that happiness rush after doing something nice to another person? Yes, no money can buy that feeling.

This honorable movement is nothing new and has been practiced all across the world. The objectives of each food bank varies from providing breakfast to school kids, warming up the homeless with hot soups during winter, providing nutritional food to the orphanages and even to feed the animals.
One of the well-known food bank campaign is Foodbank Australia. They are Australia’s largest hunger relief organization and has been around since 1992. Thousands of mouths have been fed. They went on further to start the Grain Program where they donate grains to growers, farmers and traders. It stimulates the production of food sources instead of total reliance on food as the end-product.

Another famous quote by Anne Frank, who lived in hiding during the Holocaust – “No one has ever become poor by giving”. So, don’t wait any longer in giving out to others. You will feel better about yourself right away! Like PJ City Food Bank and MBPJ official Facebook page now and get started by volunteering.

Event: MBPJ Charity Golf Tournament + PJ City Food Bank
Venue: Tropicana Golf & Country Club
Date: 7 May 2016
Featuring: Tuan Mohd Azizi bin Mohd Zain, Mayor of Petaling Jaya
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